We exist to better serve the indigenous communities of Myanmar in ensuring linguistic equality and justice.

Our Story

We began as a few friends and colleagues who kept hearing from local communities their desire to preserve their language and to provide a better education for their children. With combined decades of experience and having worked with over 4 dozen language communities in Myanmar, as well as a few PhD and MA degrees, we decided to start MICP to better serve these communities.

Our Core Values

In everything we do, we start with the community. We value the knowledge that indigenous communities maintain, the languages they use, and the heritages they continue to pass down while still adapting to an ever-shifting society.

Partnership is at the center of what we do in order to develop sustainability and healthy communities who are building a strong foundation for their children, rooted in their own history and lived experience and advocating for their own linguistic rights.

Myanmar and First Language First Education

There are over 130 languages used indigenously in Myanmar. Each of these languages represents a community, a piece of their identity, and a unique perspective of the world. Each person has the fundamental human right to use the language of their choosing, free from shame and harassment.

An education that is rooted in a child’s first language sets up the student to become a lifelong learner with the needed critical thinking skills to build bridges and become an agent for social change.