Building Healthy Communities through Quality Education

Myanmar is home to over 130 languages.

We work with local communities to develop and create space for these languages – and the people who speak them – in developing quality, locally relevant education in order to preserve languages and ways of life as well as ensure language rights for all.

Because language rights are human rights.

About Us

Our Vision

Our mission is to see flourishing formal and informal education systems that put children first, that are rooted in the child’s own lived experience, and that promote a healthy sense of identity and self-worth in students, thereby preserving local languages and culture.

Simply put, languages matter because people matter.

What We Do

Teacher Training

Well-trained teachers are essential for any education system – and are pillars of society. Training local teachers, who are often already trusted by the community and who speak the students’ language, also increases sustainability and builds community participation and confidence. Teachers who are confident and capable in their role are able to be incredible agents of change.

Reading and Learning Material Development

There is a huge lack of appropriate and engaging reading and learning materials. We train local writers, artists, and teachers to develop their own culturally relevant materials. These are then used in a variety of formal and non-formal programs, libraries and at home, so that the entire community is engaged.

Advocacy and Awareness Raising

Advocacy and awareness raising at all levels – with the community, the country, and the international community – are essential. That’s why we help the community in their own grassroots efforts as well as advocate for indigenous communities and linguistic rights and raise awareness beyond the local community through research and engaging with our broader network.